Nov 16, 2018

Hanging towel pattern

Hi Friends,
I want to let you ALL know that I'm more then willing to share my pattern for my Easy Hanging Towel.  I can not email the pattern to  It's impossible.
Please include a valid email if you want a reply.

Please remember this pattern is for personal use only, not for resale.  Thank you.

Happy Sewing.

Jun 21, 2016

Bench to beauty

I was visiting a friend in Golden, CO, when I passed a house in her neighborhood that was seemingly getting rid of the stuff, you know free stuff by the road, well I noticed this bench on the porch.  Knocked on the door and asked if they by chance wanted to get rid of this bench...... $5 later, it was in the back of my truck.  

Well, this bench having been outside in CO, for I don't know how long was so dry rotted that I can't believe I saved it, thou plenty of times I was contemplating fire pit..

After months of starting then stopping work on it, I got serious.

I used one whole bottle of Gorilla Glue to fix and fill all the cracks.  Sanded, stained with a gorgeous cherry stain and polyurethane the bench back to beauty.

Thanks for stopping by, happy crafting!

Jun 9, 2016

Creating a Pin Board

The same weekend I got the Pig had to go, my sister Cheryl and I went to an antique barn, we both bought an old map/blueprint or printers drawer.  She made a printer box chalk board out of hers (see on State-line Crafter's); and me, I sat on mine for months, contemplating the project.  I finally decided a pin board

With all my supplies, I first measured, then cut a piece of white board to fit, glued in drawer, measured and cut a piece of cork to fit over that, glued, then set out to make it fun and practical for me.

I salvaged this measuring stick from an old yard ornament that my grandmother made, cut to fit up the side, glued.  
On the back,  I measured then glued a piece of wood to even both sides, twisted in hangers, and put wire through each hole to hang on the wall.

Now I'm going to decorate. I made a little box out of a paint stick for pencils and pens, you can never find one when you need one....glued the box on the bottom ledge of the drawer.

I found a cute little bird house with birch roof, glued it onto a stick, and glued to the side of the board.

While looking for baby clothes pins, which I glued three going down the side to hang photos/coupons, I came across this little picket fence, Mother had for some reason.  I added it to the bottom for a quick catch all.

Printed out the month of June's dates to remember, 

pinned a lemonade recipe I've been wanting to try, 

and my pin board is finished

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting.
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May 31, 2016

The Pig Had to GO!

My sister Cheryl invited me down for a weekend and sent this table home with me hoping I could save it. 
Apparently her grandchildren had gotten a hold of her antique farm table, and went crazy with the paint.  Yes, I love piggy's, but I've never heard of "chuby the pig", 

This piggy had to go!

First, I removed the rusty hardware, and soaked it in rust remover.

Then I went to town scraping, then use paint remover, and then scraped some more, finally I sanded the heck out of this table.

Some of the white paint still shows through on the legs and the top,

but I think it give it that vintage look.  Finally, after months, it's as Done as it's ever going to be. (I need two pieces of hardware to finish the legs.)

What do you think, Miss Cheryl?  Do you like the color?  
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting!