Oct 31, 2012

Jar Art

Have you seen these "Jar Art" kits put out by Ball?  They are the easiest craft to make.  They come with everything you need to design these lovely jars (instructions included), then fill them with awesome gifts or in my case, fake flowers.  The kits normally sold for $6.39 at Ace Hardware, and right now they are on sale for $1.  

Here's the different theme's:
Life's Journey

Holiday, of course, then I got a few more of the Christmas Jar Art for gifts.
This jar art I made for my Sister who just had knee surgery.  As a "hope you feel better soon" gift, I did the Victorian Roses Jar Art.

What you need to make this jar art-                               Cost
                        Jar Art Kit                                            $1.00
                        a Canning Jar with ring and lid            $1.50
                        4 bunches dollar store flowers            $4.00
                        moss                                                    $1.00  
                        a chunk of styrofoam                           $1.00
                        Total cost for gift                              $8.50

1 - wrap the jar with decorative card stock and use the included adhesive circles to secure it in place

2 - put the adhesive circles on all 4 corners of the frame and place in the middle of the wrap on the jar

3 - put an adhesive circle on the bottom of the paper flower and press into the center the frame

4 - secure the card stock strip on the jar ring

5- tie the ribbon around the top of the jar.

So easy, and so pretty!!  She loved it!

Oct 10, 2012

Backyard Halloween Golf

Have you ever seen Remco's backyard putt putt set from the 1950's, back when family's spent more time together....... (I know I wasn't even born yet).  I saw this in an article in Country Living Magazine, Vintage Lawn Games, it sent me searching for ideas to make mini putt putt golf  for the grandkids. 
(this was a long drawn out search)
This summer I came across this set of  KIDS GOLF CLUBS, $4, at a garage sell.

I know, what a deal!  I gave them to the grandkids to play with. 
Now that I'm here living with them, I was back to thinking of ideas for the putt putt golf.
For a game at my grandson Elias's 7th birthday we played 
"Backyard Halloween Golf".

I downloaded large Halloween coloring pages and printed them.  Placed the picture on cardboard, cut out the outlines of the pictures;  some of them we had to tape first to make them sturdier and painted them. (Suzy and I painted them)

We bought lawn stakes at the local hardware store, to keep them in place in the yard.  There are  7 holes.  We strategically placed them around the yard, Let's Play!

We kept score by how many strokes it took to get the ball to each hole, and  if it went through the hole you got the bonus 1 point subtracted at the end of the game.  

You'll never guess who wonMiss Harmony, the poser.  I was shocked, too. I thought for sure I was gonna win.

Project Cost:  $4.00 for golf clubs, $2.50 for the lawn stakes, family fun, Priceless.

To find these Halloween pictures online, in any search engine, type in Free Halloween coloring pages.