Mar 24, 2016

Something Special for Eden

Spring is in the Air..... It's my


second birthday
  coming up and I wanted to make something special. 
How about a twirl-y dress for tea parties with Grammy Bear......

I bought this pattern to make this dress for Ella, but with all my travels, I never got to it. It's called the addison.

Here's the back of the dress.

I can't wait to see it on her. Happy Birthday Eden!

Talking about spring in the air...... this little bird has been hanging on our deck here the past two days.  He looks totally roughed up, but he let me get with in 5 feet of him, he keeps coming back.
Cheers to Spring!

Mar 15, 2016

Preserves Filled Cream Cheese Pound Cake

My favorite food is CAKE.  My Mom and I both like cake with our afternoon tea.  Since I've been here with her, I've made 6 different cakes, 5 bunts from scratch.  2 Coffee, 1 chocolate, and this one, apricot filled, rather I changed it to a Strawberry Rhubarb-filled cream cheese pound Cake.

It's a recipe out of the Kraft Food and Family magazine, it's also on-line at 

I followed the recipe except it calls for 1 cup sugar, I used 3/4 cup, and used Strawberry Rhubarb preserves.


Especially with Lady Grey

.  I like milk and honey

in my tea.  Mother drinks it


Look we had 
Mother and I came to the

same conclusion that this
yummy pound cake, it

could easy stand

 alone.  The preserves 

make it sweeter, but

fresh berries and

whip cream
...... that would also be very good.

I made a recipe card for my version

of this wonderful cake.  You can find

free recipe cards all over the web.

Here's where I got this one.... 

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Cooking!
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Mar 8, 2016

Tea Cozy for Hot Tea

I attended a Tea party with my Aunt Junie, last year.  The hostess of our table had a tea pot I'd never seen before, it was an Insulated Metal covered Teapot with cork stopper, love it!!   Of course I had to have one! With the insulator it keeps your tea hotter longer, that's awesome.   I priced them online, brand new they were $100....

A month later I found this one at a garage sale, $5.  Yes it has cracks in the porcelain, but it does not leak. Even with the insulator on the pot, I would like my tea even hotter.  

Looking in my Mother's cupboards, I came across one of her tea cozy's, it almost fit my pot perfectly except it need to be longer at the top.

I traced it for the pattern, and made my own.

Here's the steps:

Cut 2 fabric for sides and cut 1 for bottom.
Cut 2 lining and cut 1 for bottom.

Sew Velcro on both sides of top of each side piece of lining

Sew 1/4" seam up each side around the top, leaving bottom open.

Cut 2 foam for sides and cut 1 for bottom.
Cut 2 batting for sides and cut 1 for bottom.
Cut 2 heat bond for sides and cut 1 for bottom.

Iron heat bond to batting, iron batting to foam.

Sew across the top 2" down, then in the middle, and on both sides.  See next photo.

Sew both sides.

Pin bottom of sides, right sides together, 2" on one side, 1" on the other side.

For bottom piece
Iron all layers together,
Sew 1/4" around, then zig zag edge.

Pin sides to bottom, Sew 1/4" around, then zig zag edges. 

Insert tea pot!!

Let the tea sipping begin!!
Thank you for joining me,
Happy Sewing!
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Mar 2, 2016

Scads of Scraps

What do I do with scads of scraps from kitchen towels I cut to make my world famous Easy Hanging Towel, well maybe I exaggerate, a little, it's famous.... in the family.

My Sisters, my Kids, my Nieces all just love it.  I make and give them away for almost every holiday.  For Christmas gifts I sat down and whipped out 13 towels quickly, they had to be wrapped and shipped, cause I was going to spend 2 weeks  in Cabo for Christmas (woot woot) ...... anyways, with all of these towels I'd made, I have scads of scrap towels left over.

With the leftovers from these 3 spring towels I just finished, I made 2 hanging dish rags, and 1 potholder

For the hanging dish rag, I took the towel piece 15 1/2" x 8 1/2", cut off the top, then folded over and pinned each side, sewed along the edges, adding a  loop in the middle to hang.

For the pot holder I cut the 3 edges, cut it in half, cut a piece,
7 1/2" x 8" of  heat resistant fabric to fit, made my own bias tape from the same fabric on the hanging towel.  Pinned it, sewed the 3 pieces corner to corner then pinned the bias tape around and sewed, leaving 3" at the end to flip under the bias tape for a loop to hang the pot holder.

Wala ........ all 3 match and make a nice gift for someone special.

Thank you for joining me and my

 scads of scraps.

Happy Crafting!