May 24, 2012

A gift for baby

I wanted to make this Old-fashioned bonnet for my niece, who is about to have her first baby. Since her generation does not like to be surprised at the birthing, we all know it’s a baby girl. Her name is Madison Rose….awe.
When considering the fabric I would use, it dawned on me that I had this night gown. I wore it once for about 5 minutes. My boyfriend commented that it made me look like an old granny. It’s been sitting in a drawer for ever since. With the ruffle, the trim and the lacy embellishments on bodice, I figured it would be perfect for the bonnet.

I basically followed the instructions for the Old-fashioned bonnet, except (of course I changed it). Here’s what I did different.  In her photo you can tell that baby is not a newborn.  So I re-sized it, and followed her instructions up to this step.
 Step 4: Form the unstitched end of a tie into a Z (fold it in thirds) and pin it to the large rectangle about 1.25″ back from the decorative trim along the 16″ side.  Repeat with the other tie on the other side.

What I did was to fold up the rectangle (measuring all across to be sure that the ruffle was even from top to bottom), and stitch only the sides.
 Pinning the ties inside.
 I turned it outside in and pressed it with an iron.  Then pin the opening and the raw end of the ruffle and top stitch both sides and stitched the opening.  Sew close to the edge.
Per her instructions fold up the bottom, creating a casing for the back ribbon, pin and stitch close to the edge.
I centered and sewed the pretty laced ribbon on the front seam across the ruffle.  On the back seam I sewed the trim.

I know, I was a purty baby!

Now after it was finished I had no way to gauge whether it would fit a new born or not.  So I researched the average size of a newborn baby's head, enlarged a doll head pattern, printed off my baby picture, to make it more realistic, (hehe), I laughed the whole time, come on, that's funny. And this is how it looked, when I was taking the pictures for this post, my boyfriend come around the corner and caught a look of the baby face, and jumped, he didn't expect it.....I'm still laughing.  

I made this for baby Madison.  A romper with a matching bonnet 3M. For the bonnet I partially used Simplicity A2104 pattern and of course I changed it. I got the romper pattern from you can make it's called  THE CHELSEA ROMPER SIZES 3M-5T.  What's cool about this pattern, it's downloaded so you can print it as you use it; and with it going all the way up to a 5T, I can make it for my Ella Bear, too.
Happy Sewing!
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May 15, 2012

Easy Carry Picnic Blanket

I saw a beach blanket that had the coolest handle with straps on it.  I was thinking, what an awesome idea for a picnic blanket.  After all, I have that awesome Great Find picnic basket, I want to picnic this summer.....

I stopped at one of our local thrift stores and found this tablecloth.  It was priced at $8.00, but I happened to walk in on half price day (sweet), so $4.
For this project
1 tablecloth (rectangle)
1 package rug binding (white)
4 inches of hook and loop velcro
sewing machine, thread, scissors, pins

1. Lay an H on the folded end of the tablecloth, these measurements are 17" for straps and 8" for handle.
2. Pin velcro on both ends of strap; hook up, loop down on the opposite side of the strap, opposite end.  Then sew around all 4 pieces of the velcro to the straps.
3. Double the handle to make it sturdier; sew two 8" pieces together.

4. Take finished pieces and form H onto tablecloth, pinning down, with the Hook side of the velcro straps up.  Leave the loop side (down)unsewn, (you may want to pin them out of your way.)
5.  Sew close to the edge, sewing over the handle, then stopping.  
6.  Sew all the way around the handle end forming a square, then sew corner to corner, to secure the handle. Repeat on the other strap.

Lastly, spray with fabric protector so it will last longer and it's easier to clean up.

Let the picnicing begin.
"pass the tator salad, please"

Happy Sewing!
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May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Mother!

A few years back my Mother came to visit me here in Calabash.  She was the first one I took to the ever changing simply amazing Brookgreen Gardens.  While we were there I took pictures with her in them.
My Wonderful Mother
And she took pictures with me in them. 
Yeah, that's me (totally blond).
 So for Mother's Day that year I sent her this photo.
I love PhotoShop.
When she got the picture she says to me,
"I don't recall us taking a photo together".  hehehe

Come on you got give it to me, it's hard to tell it's photoshopped.

"Side by Side
Or miles apart
You, dear Mother, 
Are always close to my heart!"

Happy Mother's Day, Mother!

May 6, 2012

A Gift for Mother

We have a Garden Tea Room here in Calabash, NC.   Across the way they have a little shop where they sell tea accessories.  I love walking through this little shop. The last time I was in there I saw this TIN TEA CUP, I didn't really know what I was going to do with it until I saw this tea cup pincushion at mmmcrafts.  
I did mine a little bit differently. Here's the tutorial.

The tea cup has a lid; nice if you take your pincushion from room to room, or in Mother's case, she just has one in every room.

I want the pinning surface to be stronger then just stuffing.  I bought a package of 2 circular Styrofoam pieces at the dollar store, for $1.
Place the cup slightly over the edge and traced it.  With an exacto knife cut around the traced circle.  Then cut a smaller one to glue to the bottom of the first circle.

Cut a circle from the fabric I was using for the pincushion.
Approx 7" around.

Put a little stuffing and the styrofoam pieces on the fabric.

Sew all the way around the outside of the fabric and pull the string tight. 

Stitch around several times to get it as tight as possible.

Use hot glue to secure the pincushion to the bottom of the tin cup.

Happy Mother's Day!
Thank you for stopping by.

May 1, 2012

Hanging Around

Living in condos, it seems like people move in and out often.  Some people leave in a big hurry and find that they can't take everything they own.  I love it when that happens.  Some of my great finds are right here where I live.
I found this frame by the dumpster a while back and I made a bulletin board with it.
I've seen so many awesome ways and designs done before, here's my tutorial.