Nov 13, 2012

Magazine Bowl

Last Christmas I made homemade gifts for everyone in my family. For my Mother I made a recycled  magazine coiled bowl and of course filled it with chocolates. My Aunt June emptied it to look it over and fell in love with it.  I just made this for her.
I had first seen this project at Saved by Love Creations, but I could not find the post to share her projects and tutorial.

This is how I did it. 
What you need for this project
Paper Cutter
Hot glue gun
Modge podge
Sponge applicator
Clear coat spray

1. Tear out sheets from magazine
2. Cut into 2" strips

3. Fold strips (This is a job) Fold in half the open fold one side into the center and fold that one more time, repeat on the other side of the strip.

4. Begin with a tight coil

5. Hot glue each folded strip as you coil

6. Modge podge as you go to keep it from moving.

7. After ending the coil, I modge podge the inside, let it dry, then the outside, and repeat several times. Then spray a clear coat on the inside let it dry and then the outside.

8. Fill with candy!!!
Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Crafting!