May 31, 2016

The Pig Had to GO!

My sister Cheryl invited me down for a weekend and sent this table home with me hoping I could save it. 
Apparently her grandchildren had gotten a hold of her antique farm table, and went crazy with the paint.  Yes, I love piggy's, but I've never heard of "chuby the pig", 

This piggy had to go!

First, I removed the rusty hardware, and soaked it in rust remover.

Then I went to town scraping, then use paint remover, and then scraped some more, finally I sanded the heck out of this table.

Some of the white paint still shows through on the legs and the top,

but I think it give it that vintage look.  Finally, after months, it's as Done as it's ever going to be. (I need two pieces of hardware to finish the legs.)

What do you think, Miss Cheryl?  Do you like the color?  
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting!