Jan 14, 2014

Cabo Critters

The wild life here in Cabo is simply spectacular, so bright and colorful, and a plenty; of course you wouldn't want to get too close to most of these critters.  The small lizard hung out in our condo for a few days and the blue heron sunbathes atop the Wyndham hotel.  All of the rest of the photos were taken at the job site.

Birds - Blue Heron, Buzzards, Pelican

Lizards - Horney Toad


 Snakes and Tarantulas

Scorpions and Crabs

Bugs - Big Bugs - Giant Centipede and Bettlebug

Hornets and lots and lots of bees

And lastly, something everyone hears about but never really sees.......The monarch butterflies migration to Mexico...

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