Mar 12, 2012

Harmony in Paris

My Granddaughter and all her little friends are totally into PARIS, PARIS, PARIS.

So, with that theme in mind, this is what I made this for her birthday.

Once you have the picture you want to mod podge onto your canvas, follow these easy instructions:

1. Iron tissue paper
2. Measure and cut tissue paper
3. Run double sided adhesive along edge of 8 1/2 X 11 inch sheet of White printer paper
4. Be sure to put the rough side of the tissue paper up.  It's more pores then the smooth side.

5.  Flip the photo to be printed, if you use PSE (Photo Shop Element), when you go to print it gives you an option to flip the picture.
6.  Trim the picture (I've used exacto knife and it tends to tear the tissue paper)
7. Place your photo paper on the canvas, and hold it in place with a ruler.
8. Lightly apply a layer of mod podge to upper canvas (I don't like to split a face, you don't want too many wrinkles on that part of the picture).
9. Gently lay the picture on the mod podge and quickly move on  to the bottom half, and repeat.
10. Gently DAB mod podge to photo.  NOTE:  Be very careful, the colors start to bleed through the tissue paper, regularly check your sponge, once you have color in the mod podge, switch to a new sponge and avoid areas already saturated.  Set to dry for at least 2 hours (to be sure).11.  Second coat, again watch for the color to bleed,  after this coat dries, you are relatively safe from the bleeding.

12. Now, my picture basically only covers the top of the canvas, around the edge I printed and mod podge this:

14. Let it dry again for 2 hours, and add your final coat of mod podge.  After that's completely dry I spray the entire canvas with a clear coat enamel spray, if you don't do this, here's what could happen, if the picture ever gets wet, it will leave water spots on your photo.
 FYI:  It's easy, but there have been times when I mess up and I have to paint over a picture to start over;  if this happens to you, paint over with white acrylic paint.

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Here's some more mod podged art I done.
I've been doing the PSE mod podge for years now.  I love homemade personal gifts.  It's seems that every Christmas the funds are tight.  Here's one gift I made and gave my daughter Deby with pictures of her and her best friend taken on a trip they did together.
I bought the canvas at the dollar store, there was a picture of a bird on them, I painted them white, then mod podged.
Here's the MONA DEBY, I love this one.


  1. I would like to say that kids today are hard to find the perfect gift, but when it a subject they like its hard to pass up. Nice job, she will love it.

  2. OH that Mona picture is too funny! What a great gift!

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    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. The Paris postcard is awesome! Very creative, I bet she feels like a rock star now:))

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  5. Wow! You are very talented! Kids grow up way too fast!!! Thanks for sharing @ Manic Monday.

  6. How fun! I love what you made her! She's a lucky girl. And wish her a happy birthday!!

  7. What a cute project! I love the Paris Theme :)
    Lina @fancy frugal life
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  8. Hi, Looks like we and our blogs have a lot in common. I also end up making most of my Christmas, birthday & shower gifts. In the beginning had to and now I want to make the gifts. Besides your craft and sewing projects, I'm interested in your Tech ideas. (I use GIMP instead of PS). I started my blog the last year I taught & just retired from teaching technology (30yrs! yeah) and need to change my header as well. You've got some great ideas and help for me here so naturally I must become your latest follower and continue to enJOY!

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  10. You are so talented! I know that she will love it! Thanks so much for sharing at our Uncommonly Yours link party! Hope to see you next week!

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  11. Love it! I never would have thought to buy a canvas and paint it. Thanks so much for sharing at Toot Your Horn Tuesday. I look forward to seeing you next week :)

  12. Cute, I bet she she'll love it!!! Thanks for sharing on Made for You Monday at Clip with PUrpose

  13. These are so fun!! I love the mod podged canvasses. I've done a few before with photos, but never with artsy stuff & I never used tissue paper. I will have to give it a try!! Thanks for the tips :)


  14. Very Very Nice...both your works of art and your little "Baby Bear". My youngest is also into Paris...and how!!! Perhaps she would like to take a peek at Sara's Paris-inspired room we did @

    Thanks for following. I'm your new one, too. Should be the silhouette at the end of your list. I always follow people privately so as not to hurt feelings.
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  15. So much fun. She is adorable! and it says a lot that Paris is her current infacination. Thanks for sharing on BeColorful

  16. Hi Connie - I'll be featuring your Paris pic tomorrow night on Project Queen!
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  17. Connie, you did a "GREAT" job on Harmony's gift. This is truely a
    "GREAT" site. I will pass it on for you. Good for you sister.