Apr 9, 2012

May for Me Bingo

I've met so many awesome people since I started my blogging adventure, including these quilting ladies. They are having a Blogger Bingo and I decided to join the fun. Oh, yea, I enticed my Sister and Mother (who is a quilter) to play, too.
Hosting the May for Me Bingo
Tonya at Hillbilly Handiworks (check here for the rules). 
Sharon at Vrooman's Quilts (check here for the how-to).
Snoodles at Lily Pad Quilting (drool over some prizes).
My Bingo Card

B Stars, Buttons, Elephant, Rose, Plaid

I  Strips, Lion, Spots, Ducks, Kitten

N  House, Dots,  FREE SPACE , Raccoon, Planet

 Swirls, Tree, Waves, Leaves, Crocodile

O  Flowers, Circles, Worm, Owl, Smile
I got my letters from Connie at Quilting by the River.  Thank you Connie!
I look at this card and see so many projects I've done.....

Esther Dixon's Bingo Card
B Love, Flower, Rusty, Silk, Red

I  Strips, Dragonfly, Blues, Night, Butterfly

N  Friends, Tie Dye,  FREE SPACE , Tiger, Bounce

 Paisleys, Dots, Vines, Leaves, Swirls

O Dahlia,  
Bubbles, Pink, Neapolitan, Bees
Leslie Lami's Bingo Card

B Music, Hannah, 60's, Butterfly, Purple

I  Flower, Net, Floating, Mater, Drawing

N  Quilting, Sun, FREE SPACE, Wheat, Stars

 Tie Dye, Grass, Pooh, Trees, Cutting

O Dora, Bee, Silk, Night, Cars


Happy Crafting!
Thanks for stopping by.
Linked up to:  Hillbilly Handiworks


  1. I love the bingo. Now I can find a use for all of the baby clothes (that has stains). Great idea for bingo for the little ones also. New follower.

  2. Just love your banner and blog name! Such great cards and thank you for linking up. Look, someone sewed a button already!!

  3. Love!!! And the blog name is wonderful!!

  4. The bingo cards are all great. Have fun playing along.

  5. Very fun cards...good luck in the game!

  6. You're very creative! Great idea for bingo for children. I must try making one of these.

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