Jun 19, 2012

Trash Can Lampshade

This is how it looked after the road trip!
When my Daughter moved from WI to NC, the plastic in her lampshade on her favorite lamp was broken out.  Being a "poor" student, she has other more important things to spend her monies on.  While taking out the trash one day, I noticed boxes full of junk in the dumpster.  
This lampshade was in there.  Other than looking old and yellowed, it was in perfect condition, (I mean the plastic wasn't broke up!).  I grabbed it out of the trash and recovered it for Miss Deby.

I pulled off the trim that was yellowed and wiped it down with a sanitize wipe.

I laid the lampshade on tissue paper and traced it as I rolled it to make the pattern. 

Pinned it and cut out the fabric.

I mod podged the fabric on to the lampshade.
Easy Peasy!

Is it me, or is he scary looking?  I rubbed his Buddha belly for luck, just the same!

Happy Crafting!
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I think it's lovely. I have a Buddha in the garden and can't pass him without giving his belly a rub. I think his expression says he loves his new hat. :)

  2. I really like the pattern of fabric you used. I've never recovered an old lampshade, but this is something I should try since this was a great update to this old lamp. Thanks for visiting my blog this week!

  3. This was very creative and it turned out really pretty...Connie

  4. Your lamp shade turned out great, bet your daughter loved it! What's really scary is, my belly's starting to look like Buddha's:@)

  5. Great job on the lampshade! Give the Buddha a belly rub for me!

  6. Hey! This turned out great! I just purchased a little lamp that need the shade redone. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I'm also redoing a lamp, and this is a great idea! I'm happy to be following you back on GFC, Connie.

  8. When I saw that top picture I thought "no way!" It was nasty! You did an amazing job on it - it looks "gift shop" perfect now. I think Buddha needs a Christmas wreath around his neck for this time of year!