Mar 19, 2014

Grammy Bear's Tea Party

Alex, Harmony, Elias, Grammy Bear, Suzy, Ella, Erin and Deby


Every time I visit with my grandchildren, I always plan a tea

party.  It's a big deal.  We have been doing these parties since Miss Harmony

was around 6 years old.  We all dress in hats, and jewels and skirts; we plan a

menu with tea sandwiches and sweeties, along with yummy tea.

   This tea party happen to fall on Valentine's Day, so in preparation for

 party decorations, the grandkids and I did some valentine's

 day crafts after school up until the big day.

First we made these 

hanging hearts and hung

them from the dining 

room light.

Then we made these

 colorful doilies. 

Both Crafts are from

The day before the party, I

made the cookie dough,

rolled it out and let the kids

cut and decorate the sugar


I had the girls decorate the table, Miss Harmony invited a friend.

Tea Party Menu - 
Cucumber Cream Cheese
Square Sandwiches

Chicken Salad Heart Sandwiches

Sweeties - Sugar Cookies (BHG recipe, made by the kids), Brownies (made by Suzy), Cake Pops (made by Erin), Double Almond-Blackberry Blossoms (recipe online, made by me and Ella Bear)

Tea Served - Black Tea, Plum Black Tea and Pomegranate Passion Tea

Then of course comes

 the photos!  Suzy, Ella,


Harmony and Alex.

Yep, Deby can not pose

 with a straight face...

Elias is a real trooper.  He

does all of the crafts

with us, and shows up

for the yummy food, then

checks out.... 

he's a good sport.

Ok, so Deby can pose

with a straight face. 

This is Erin, she is my

son's new bride.....

(I'm sure she thinks we

are nuts.) 

                   Welcome to the family, Erin.....

Our tea parties are great family fun. 

Thanks for stopping By!


  1. This is just fantastic! I love everything about this idea! What wonderful memories you are creating with your grandchildren! Nicole

  2. Love it!! Erin loved it Connie. She comes from a nutty family so no worries! LOL. :)

  3. This is just a fantastic tea party. I would love to use these ideas in my tea party that will be organized soon on my birthday. I will host this private tea party at some one of outdoor party venues in our hometown. Thanks for these party inspirations.