Feb 7, 2012

Blog Header

I swear that is it, I am done messing with my header.
I have been obsessed with the artwork for my blog header.  Maybe it is worth paying someone to do it for you, because then you are stuck with what you paid for.  In my case, I did contact the local caricature artist first; he wanted $170 for strictly a head drawing.  Is that what they charge on the street?  Well I'm too cheap or too broke to pay that kind of money.  I had a vision .  After 4 weeks, and many late nights, I am finally happy with this last posted header.  

Poster Edge Effect
I started with the photo, pulled the photo into Photo Shop Element -PSE, took out the background, went into the artistic effects, and use the poster edge effect on the photo so that it was easy to trace over a light table.  I printed the photo, put tracing paper over it, colored it with pastel pencils (chalk), scanned it, pulled it back into PSE; using the smudge tool, I smudge the colors around.  

Two layers

PSE has some very cool features where you can somewhat fade one picture and lay it on top of the other picture, then merge the layers; as you can see, after smudging the colors I would take all the lines out of the face.  So I would back to the tracing photo and start again with the coloring making sure I would emphasis the lines on my face.
I also drew all the other elements; then colored the drawings, and repeated the same process.  I've made it so that every element, even parts of my face, are layered.

Tape Measure
Sewing Machine (I designed the fabric in the machine in Publisher)
Crafting supplies
Background (I designed background in Publisher)

  Yes, it is strange that my face elements are layered, the reason:  Well I took the eyes off the original photo, they shined brighter; I could merge the eyes but then I can't un-merge once I save the file, and the lips came from a more recent photo, I thought it would be cool to be able to change my expressions.
  My biggest problem was that I wanted the artwork to resemble me now, you know with wrinkles, and the photo was taken in 2008, after 3 years, well I've changed.  That's what took so long to get it right.  I started over, 4 times. At last, I took a picture of myself and faded it behind the smudge face and they the wrinkles showed through.  Wa La!

Thank you for reading about my obsessive  project.  Hooray, it's done!  Now I have to do my button............


  1. What a great process and idea. Maybe I will get brave enough someday to put the real me on my header instead of the 6 year old me. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. If you like pincushions, hop back over to enter my giveaway. Your blog is fabulous....as is the title. Thank you, Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  2. Your blog banner is so cute! Apparently a lot of work but it turned out so nice! Thanks for the follow...I will come back again to visit soon!

  3. You are one amazing lady!

  4. Oh honey-I FEEL your pain! I wish I could get paid for all the hours I've put in trying to figure out how to make my blog look better. I'm STILL not getting it. So frustrating to have and idea and not get it across! Yours looks so super cute! I LOVE the graphics and the name-adorable!
    I'm a fellow new blogger too, only since Dec.2011.Good luck!
    Sheila @Swirlygirl Dreams & Decor