May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Mother!

A few years back my Mother came to visit me here in Calabash.  She was the first one I took to the ever changing simply amazing Brookgreen Gardens.  While we were there I took pictures with her in them.
My Wonderful Mother
And she took pictures with me in them. 
Yeah, that's me (totally blond).
 So for Mother's Day that year I sent her this photo.
I love PhotoShop.
When she got the picture she says to me,
"I don't recall us taking a photo together".  hehehe

Come on you got give it to me, it's hard to tell it's photoshopped.

"Side by Side
Or miles apart
You, dear Mother, 
Are always close to my heart!"

Happy Mother's Day, Mother!


  1. even thou your far away I think of you everyday. thank you so much. love MOM

  2. It doesn't look photoshopped at all! You did a great job! Too funny! :)


  3. lovely photo, Happy Mothers day. I am away on hols at the moment and won't celebrate until I get home. x

  4. Cute photo. Happy Mother's Day!

    Love, Jody

  5. Beautiful photo, I also love photoshop :-) Happy Mothers Day!

  6. What a cute picture/idea to send to your sweet shop rocks!