Dec 12, 2013

Santa Craft Stick Ormament

I'm having so much fun designing and making these stick ornaments. I'm trying to keep them simple, but with details.  

We will be spending Christmas in Cabo, this year.  With that in mind, we will not be having a traditional Christmas Tree, because with that comes all the trimmings, the expense, then what to do with all you have acquired........ Well at least we'll have 3 ornaments.

Santa Craft Stick Ornament
Supplies you need:
 Craft Stick (shown is a pre-colored stick)
Paint - red, black, facial, light pink, white, gold
Foam - red, white, black
Twist tie - striped for wire (glasses)
Brown paper from bag
Ribbon - 1 white pom pom
Glue, scissors, paint brush, toothpick

1 If stick is not pre-colored red, Paint stick red, dry
2 Cut shoes, shoe band, beard, hat, hatband, arms, mittens.
3 Paint face, with facial color, dry paint again, dry.
4 Paint on face, pink cheeks, spot of red for lips, two black dots for eyes (with toothpick), white eyebrows above the eyes, paint black strip for belt, dry. Measure how far down the beard would be, and paint two gold dots for buttons, and with toothpick paint gold buckle on black belt, dry.
5 Strip paper off twist tie to expose wire inside. Using small stick (I used end of paint brush), leave small length of wire and wrap once, leave very small amount of wire and wrap around stick, again, making small pair of glasses.  Using a toothpick, glue wire where it doubles in the wrap to ensure strength.  Set aside.
6 Glue hatband on hat, fold over and glue, then glue pom pom to tip of hat.
7  Glue on hat, beard, make sure the mouth hole goes over the red spot on face, glue on shoes. Using a scissors, scrap a line down the middle of shoes to make it look like two shoes.  Paint black line for legs.
8 Adjust glasses on face, glue on sides of stick, dry, then secure on back of stick by gluing  both wire ends to stick.
9 Crumple brown paper to make a bag, tie with ribbon at top of bag.  Glue mittens to arms, then glue arms onto stick.
10 Glue paper bag to back of stick, pull right arm around to the back of stick to hold top of bag, and left arm around to hold bag in the front of stick. Glue arms in place.
11 Cut and tie small ribbon, glue to back of stick.

FYI:  I went to trouble to make a pdf file, if anyone would like one for the craft collection, please email me at and I will be happy to email.
Thanks for Stopping by,
Happy Crafting!