Dec 5, 2013

Cabo Sunsets

The sunsets here are so beautiful.  It's hard to truly capture an entire sunset with just one photo.  I discovered a button on my pse (Photoshop Element), Photomerge panorama.  I love this element. It is so cool to load your photos, watch the program take your photos, match up where each one left off, for one extremely large photo.  Of course I had to resize this for the post, but it's 53 inches long, that would make an awesome poster.

This photo is actually 9 photos put together by the Photomerge.  I stood on the porch of our condo and just moved a little bit in each photo.

The sky was so beautiful on this side of the building that I ran quickly down to the deck above the pool, on the west side and took 4 photos for this beautiful Photomerge panorama.

Simply Gorgeous!
Fyi:  I DID NOT enhance any of the photos.

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  1. I love your panoramic photography. Your blog is wonderful. Kisses from Spain.
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