Apr 4, 2016

Pattern Tracing

When I buy patterns for the kiddos, they usually come in size 1-4, of 6-12, whatever.... 
Simplicity 9968
once you cut size 3 out, you can no longer use the pattern for any size larger.  So, I trace my patterns.   Like this adorable pair of summer jammies for Miss Eden whose birthday is coming up....

I cut around the piece I need, iron it smooth....
Then I take white tissue paper, iron that smooth and place it over the pattern, and trace it....

I made sure that the fabric was super light cotton.  The summer in Wisconsin can be unbearably hot.

This pair of jammies, reminds me of the clothes I wore in the 60's, in WI, in the the summer!

I did some detailing, 
the stamp on back of shorts,

the rose on the front,
and the back loop.

I'm excited about my youngest grandchild, turning 2 on April 9. 
It's only going to happen once in a life time......


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Happy Sewing!

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