Jan 5, 2012

Christmas Visit

I want to begin my first post by thanking so many people for so many contributions to my "Merry Christmas" with my Grandchildren.  Though the search for fun projects, was daunting, as no one seems to post their ideas until after Thanksgiving, I still found some awesome projects.
1.    Page Corner Bookmarks
These book marks were so much fun to make, we made 30 of them, my oldest Granddaughter gave them as gifts to her classmates, big hit.  Thank you.


  1. I am so happy you started a blog I have never been on one before, your my first. I picked up a new embroidery machine yesterday, I was a little bit taken by the size of it, so I put it off till today. And I have to tell you girls I love it. I thought I would send you my samples to see what you can come up with. Happy crafting.

  2. How can we order these great Book markers from you?

    1. You're funny, I'm not selling them, but if you want one I'll be happy to make one for you.