Jan 22, 2012


Mammy Potholder

Who doesn't love free stuff?   I'm always seaching for free patterns, free ideas, free downloads.  This Mammy potholder was made by my Mother.  The free pattern is at Needlecrafter.com

Here's how to do it.
1. Download the pattern(s) (there are 7 days a week for dish towels as well, ALSO FREE).
 2. Flip them (in a photo editor)
3. Print them
4.  Draw on the pattern using Aunt Martha's HOT IRON TRANSFER PENCILS.  (They are hard to find in a store.)

5. Iron pattern on towel or fabric.
6. Color fabric with color crayons.
7. Place paper towel over colored fabric and iron to seal crayon to fabric.
8. Then embroider.

My Mammy is hanging on my kitchen wall, I just love so much that I won't use it.

What Mammy means to me..... she's the cook, the cleaner, the hugger, the problem solver of the house, I love Mammy.

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  1. I love it!! I have to make this for a friend for her birthday. I'm enjoying your blog. I'll be back. Thanks for stopping by NZ Ecochick.