Mar 2, 2016

Scads of Scraps

What do I do with scads of scraps from kitchen towels I cut to make my world famous Easy Hanging Towel, well maybe I exaggerate, a little, it's famous.... in the family.

My Sisters, my Kids, my Nieces all just love it.  I make and give them away for almost every holiday.  For Christmas gifts I sat down and whipped out 13 towels quickly, they had to be wrapped and shipped, cause I was going to spend 2 weeks  in Cabo for Christmas (woot woot) ...... anyways, with all of these towels I'd made, I have scads of scrap towels left over.

With the leftovers from these 3 spring towels I just finished, I made 2 hanging dish rags, and 1 potholder

For the hanging dish rag, I took the towel piece 15 1/2" x 8 1/2", cut off the top, then folded over and pinned each side, sewed along the edges, adding a  loop in the middle to hang.

For the pot holder I cut the 3 edges, cut it in half, cut a piece,
7 1/2" x 8" of  heat resistant fabric to fit, made my own bias tape from the same fabric on the hanging towel.  Pinned it, sewed the 3 pieces corner to corner then pinned the bias tape around and sewed, leaving 3" at the end to flip under the bias tape for a loop to hang the pot holder.

Wala ........ all 3 match and make a nice gift for someone special.

Thank you for joining me and my

 scads of scraps.

Happy Crafting!

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